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Garmin Smartwatch Features for Women

How often do women forget to keep track of their health amidst our busy schedules and unending duties?


Obviously, we forget all about it a lot of times.


Wouldn't it be extremely helpful if we had a Garmin smartwatch to keep perfect track of our health, menstrual cycles, and glucose levels?


Here is a brief information about the features of Garmin smartwatches and how they will come in handy in your day-to-day life for real-time health assessments:


Menstrual Cycle Tracking 


All women will agree that this feature is a much-needed one and comes in extremely handy in tracking all the aspects of one's menstrual cycle.


You will have proper information about your nutrition, hormone levels, and the dates of ovulation with the help of this amazing feature.


Pregnancy Tracking


Tracking health, nutrition, and almost everything is extremely beneficial during pregnancy.


This particular feature of Garmin smartwatches helps greatly in keeping a well informed track of all the important aspects of a woman's health during pregnancy.


Sleep Score


The number of hours you sleep, and the quality of sleep affect your mental and well as physical health.


Therefore, this feature is essential in keeping track of the quality of your sleep.


Body Battery


Do you get tired easily after a long day's work, or do you still have lots of energy left at the end?


This amazing feature helps you to keep track of the energy utilized by your body. How much longer can you go on to invest your energy in any form of physical labor without affecting your physical health?


Stress Score


All of us are aware of how stressful today's lifestyle is in every way.


Stress determines a lot of factors in our lives, including our heart rate and blood pressure.


This feature is essential for keeping track of the influence of stress in our day-to-day lives.



As women, safety is a major concern in our minds.


The Garmin Oman smartwatches have an amazing GPS tracker along with the feature of alerting the selected contacts in cases of unforeseen incidents or emergencies.

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